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Our recent trophy was a Merino wool scarf from Australia via India. It is hand woven, which we like, dyed with friendly dyes, again we like and its from the first spring cut of wool. Why is that important?

With summer equinox the hair on the sheep begins to grow because the days are becoming shorter. They are light sensitive. This first spring shearing is the longest strands and the softest wool of the prized Merino breed. This extra long long wool is spun into an airy yarn that is very thin. Then dyed with ‘friendly dyes’ as the designer/ artists stresses to tell us.

The woman artist that creates these beautiful scarves is a professor at Australian regional college. She is currently working on a Ph.D in fabric design. Her designs or patterns are complex and spectacularly drawn from the natural beauty of the Australian outback and the aborigines. This scarves’ complexity or progression of patterns makes the product photography difficult to impossible. However, the images we have created some interesting abstract posts on instagram.

Once the dye is set. Her dyed yarns are shipped off to India where they are hand woven into the scarves. The finished product is a three season item. They are light soft and airy. These extra long and wide scarfs could just as well be a shoulder wrap. Each scarf is colorful complex and one of a kind. We have such fun unfolding these to show the patterns unfold to the delight of the customers. Dry clean when needed.

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