Size matters and Brimfield is all about its massive size and scope of vendors, dealers, customers, kids, grandparents, porters and food trucks. The traffic and the crowds appear well before you lay eyes on the village.  Along the Route 20 about every 5th or 6th vehicle in the traffic jam are rental vans, U-Hauls, Enterprise, Penske… Soon massive old church yards are filled with cars, kids stand at the curb with signs for $10 parking while yellow police signs dot the roads warning about the places not to park. This week for Brimfield is massive in all respects.

 This antique and dealer show covers acres, it covers entire farms, it covers the whole town of Brimfield  Plus it covers all imageable items from past and present that people have made, collected, salvaged, restored or found, not to mention a large dose of reproductions. 

The curious mind is racing from one item to the next. The eye is drawn to shapes and colors and outlines of many unfamiliar things.  I saw a tent filled with all sizes black shining skillets, spread over several tables. I asked if these were custom locally sourced. It happened the dealer demonstrated how he used an Arm & Hammer solution and an electrical charge to clean the metal. It sounded a bit dangerous to me but the results were that they skillets looked freshly made.  We continued to talk and he explained in detail how I could have a blacksmith re-tin my copper pots. It sounds too easy but it was good information freely shared.

Every object tells a story. Every dealer tells a story and good stories sell. We all know that good stories sell but we also know the internet keeps the stories a little more honest.  As the late afternoon arrives the dealers are more talkative and some have  spent lifetimes gathering valuable information which they are often happy to share. There is much to offer a curious mind here. 

 The locals refer to the Dealers as “fleas”. The ‘fleas are in town’…  J Wilder Imports was a Flea, we attended the show and  we will return for the July dates. Here are a few pictures of the event and the  greasy brown mud which was a key aspect of this May’s event.  It is a rain or shine event and in spite of the weather the attendance was good. On the sunny days it was terrific!

just one larger dealer tent