Women's Wool KiLim Shoe/Size 5

Women's Wool KiLim Shoe/Size 5


This is a handmade women’s shoe. It is crafted in Turkey from wool kilim that was upcycled into a slipper. The profile and design is the result of building the shoe on an Italian last. Wool uppers and leather soles makes this a comfortable long wearing shoe that can be dressed up or down to suit your occasions.

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These wool shoes are made from fibers that are often hand spun. The wool is then dyed with traditional vegetable dyes and dried. Once the yarns are prepared the hand woven kilim carpets are designed and woven.

The finished kilims may be used for a variety of household purposes from a simple wall hanging to a carpet. Other kilims are used as pillows for sitting, cushions to protect pile rugs and some are used for table covers. This versatile hand woven material has many uses before we select one for our wool shoes.

Enjoy your wool shoes and the history that goes into each pair. These are works of art and you are a temporary custodian of the art.