Brookly Flea and Smorgasborg This weekend

BK Flea returns this Sunday to the Dumbo location. It is located under the Manhattan Bridge. We have new items and more variety in the carpet shoes, polo belts, scarves and towels. We also have some new rainproof ponchos but there will be NO Rain.

Our trophy over the long wet NY winter was a Merino wool scarf from Australia via India. It is from the first spring cut of wool. This first shearing is the longest strands and the softest wool of the prized Merino breed. This long wool is spun into an airy yarn that is very thin. Then dyed with friendly dyes by the artist that designs the the end product. Her patterns are complex and spectacularly drawn from nature and the aborigines in Australia. The dyed yarns are shipped off to India where they are hand woven into the scarves. These extra long and wide scarfs could just as well be a shoulder wrap. The finished product is colorful complex and one of a kind. We have such fun unfolding these to show the patterns unfold to the delight of the customers.

I took the 6 various styles to a show recently in South Carolina and nearly sold out. We had several buyers bought 2 at once. We have re-ordered those styles and some additional ones. We ready to show off these dry goods. Mates! remember ‘caveat emptor’ ‘you may have 2 new scarves coming your way!

For our early birds in BKLYN we have a sample sale. We have several unique items that for various reasons will will not sell online. These are some bargains to be had. So come early and come often.